What We Believe:

  • In putting our client’s interests first
  • In being your trusted advocate
  • Financial Security should not come at the price of subjective biased advice
  • In being good stewards of wealth for future generations
  • That passive investing is the smart investing approach
  • In educating our clients so they have a better understanding of investing.

Our Promise:

At Mason Road Wealth Advisors we are held to a fiduciary standard

Fiduciaries have the following duties:

  • A duty of loyalty and to always act in the utmost good faith.
  • A duty to place clients’ interests first and foremost.
  • A duty to make full and fair disclosure of all material facts and, in particular, information as to any potential and/or actual conflicts of interest.

We are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor and we follow the fiduciary standard by acting in good faith and your best interest at all times. Only financial advisors who are Registered Investment Advisors are held, by law, to a fiduciary standard. Financial advisors who accept commissions are usually not fiduciaries and may be influenced to act in their own best interests.

Our Approach:

  • We will determine your current level of investments and discuss our Evidence-Based Investment Philosophy.
  • We prepare a portfolio analysis and discuss proper ways to help meet your goals.
  • Together, we create an Investment Policy Statement, which is your road map to meeting your goals.
  • We follow up with you and continuously try to provide education so you may make the best informed decision.


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